Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I See Dead People

MAD and I are reviewing a whole bunch of books for names of people I’ve forgotten to send out the word about Alice. We’re scanning down the list of names in the bibliographies – she’s calling them out while we figure out whether either of us remember the person, whether the person likes me, or if I’m outside their six degrees of Kevin Bacon. Damn. I See Dead People. RIP, Jef Raskin and Douglas Adams. Adam Osborne died? Blatant plug for Andy Hertzfeld because he’s got a 3 page story about Alice (pg 104-107) in his book Revolution in the Valley and on

Everyone in the photo of Steve Capps Day on looks better than Steve Capps. I wish I still had that pirate flag; wonder how much that would fetch on ebay? I can’t wear my Vans any more because every teenager has got them and then I look like some old guy trying to recapture my youth. Steve Levy – why is there no biblio in Insanely Great?

Other books we looked at: The Macintosh Reader by Doug Clapp; Apple: The Inside Story by Jim Carlton, West of Eden by Frank Rose (one new copy for $214?); The Macintosh Way by Guy Kawasaki, Apple Confidential by Owen Linzmayer (although The Mac Bathroom Reader is more fun – how you can not love a book with a rubber duck and toilet paper on the cover?). Some others I forget because we start seeing dupes of names.
Finally, Steve Jobs, The Journey is the Reward by Jeff Young.

Is it really?


  1. I wondered why I got a Facebook invite from you the other day. I may still have a still-shrinkwrapped Alice around the house someplace; what's that worth on eBay?

  2. Did you open up Defyiing Graviity?

  3. It's worth north of 100$ from my research six months ago -- but let's not flood the market