Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A few reviews have trickled in

Maybe buyer #2 of the first three buyers is identified (and I heard the pirates always buy one of everything, so that may complete the set of the first 3 buyers yesterday)

Here's a nice one from perhaps customer #2 offworld.com

Somebody at fingergaming.com that doesn't quite get the Fake Steve Capps joke. (Note: they changed the post a little bit after I pointed out Fakes can be real)

And I have no idea what this Japanese site says, but I hope it's positive. (Actually according to Google's translator, it says:
Lisa, Mac's Finder, Newton OS, and the man who created the JAMINATOR, Steve Capps. Internet Explorerのユーザーインタフェースにも貢献している、UIの偉人です。Internet Explorer is also contributing to the user interface, UI is a great man.

その彼が、iPhoneアプリをリリースしました。That he, iPhone apps has been released.といってもリメイクでありますが。However we have a remake. 彼が開発し、Appleから1985年にリリースされた相当に変わったチェスゲーム「 Alice〜Through the Looking Glass 」。 He developed, Apple has changed considerably from the 1985 chess game that was released in "Alice Through The Looking Glass ~". これをリメイクしたものが、「AliceX」( 公式サイトへのリンク )なのです。 This is a remake, "AliceX" (link to official site) is. 価格は230円( App Storeへのリンク )。 Price 230 yen (App Store link to).

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