Monday, April 13, 2009

gBus gDownload guffaws

Just got an email from Apple that the app is ready for sale. Shit. I was going to work on a marketing plan before it hit the store (not that I know anything about marketing - JJ, call me). Should have done that. Still hasn't shown up in the store. Have to head up to SF to take ETC's BFF home. On 101 we spy a gBus. Wait, there are two of them with a dozen cars in between. The traffic at 92 needs its usual ex-lax, so it's impossible to get close enough to the busses. We're weaving in around lans and ETC is yelling, “papa, hurry up!” from the backseat as she’s desperately trying to get a connection. Traffic picks up past 3rd Ave in San Mateo and quickly gets to 70+. I have to push it a little past that to catch up and I position the car next the first bus. Still can't get a connection. We're in some google version of Cannonball Run. ETC finally convinces the iPod to connect to the gBus and excitedly announces, "It's here!"

I tell her to buy it (after the short discussion explaining why I would want to buy something I wrote. She only gets $5/wk allowance so $2 is a lot to her.

She starts downloading it, but it's 7.9MB so this isn't destined for quick success for a 12 year old. She gets enough bandwidth to post a review and says she's going to write it like a "teenager." She's got one year till she hits that.

So in the sense of fair play, yes, the first review on iTunes by Fiona Jackson is indeed biased. (However, a real unsolicited review on was nice to see)

We say gDay to the gBus and get off 101. Dad of BFF: no, I wouldn't drive like that with your kid in the car.

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