Thursday, January 1, 2009


I hope whoever wrote this sample realized this code would be duplicated a zillion times. Just search for snippets as literal strings in google.

Seems pretty easy to build a sprite package based on OpenGL. Coco3D and others are out there, but it's easier to write something from scratch than plow through a stack of documentation. Also, the tendency for "platform" writers to throw in kitchen sinks is too great (actually Walter has always pointed out that platform writers have a tendency to ship an API that minimally fulfils the requirements of the sample apps and nothing more, therefore signing up pre-alpha developers is super, super important)

Lean, mean, and clean code.

Translating from Javascript is trivial so far; after a while is just getting the syntactical sugar right (le's see, dollar signs for varuiables....nope..., + for concatenation or period or space...luckily the compiler tells me when I'm too slow to type it right.

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