Monday, May 4, 2009

Next Project? Any Votes?


  1. Just what you've got pictured there, Mr. Capps.

    I've been hoping for something like this for a while now. Even something remotely similar would be a hoot.

  2. Would be fun, and I'd pay up, so you have my vote.

    Problem with a Newton emulator has, of course, always been the OS ROMs. I'd have love to run the Einstein emulator on my Mac, but all my old MessagePad's have been in storage for years, and I don't think I'd have the right cables and adapters to suck the ROMs off them anyway. They are naturally nowhere to be found online.

    Fingers crossed that you'd be able to persuade Apple to let you use the ROMs. You do have a certain history here after all. :-)

  3. Oh yes please, Steve! How I would love to be able to do sketches on the Newton and transfer them into Pages (on OS X or iPad)... and of course a Newton OS emulator running on iPad would be very cool! Even if we need to extract the ROM from our old Newton device, that would be just fine!

  4. Actually, having dug out my old Newtons and played with them, I was struck by how much I missed the 'finger scrolling' of iPhone. Newton really requires a lot of tapping as nearly everything is a target and all forms of inking are assumed to be data, not control.

    I'm wondering if there would be any way to fudge it: having a stylus actually write and a finger actually scroll. I've fiddled with Javascript in a web app and there isn't any access to the low level tablet. Maybe a native app?

  5. newtOniPhone++

    Though I think the iPad is a more natural fit and would work better with a stylus...

  6. The Newton notes app?!!? Oh yes please!